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By agreeing to the terms and conditions below, you confirm that you have read our Product Disclosure Statement, are able to download and keep a copy of it and agree to access it this way.

Your Duty of Disclosure

We rely on the information you provide us with, to decide whether to insure you and the terms on which we will insure you and you have a Duty of Disclosure to us.

To comply with your Duty of Disclosure before you enter into the policy or vary, renew, extend, reinstate or replace it, you must tell us everything that you know, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances, could be expected to know, is relevant to our decision whether to insure you and, if so, on what terms.

You do not have to tell us anything that is common knowledge that we should know through our business, that reduces the risk of a claim or that we tell you we do not need to know.

If you fail to comply we may be entitled to reduce or deny any claim you make and/or cancel the policy. If you fraudulently keep information from us or deliberately make false statements we may avoid your contract and treat your insurance as if it never existed.

Privacy Act Requirements

Your Privacy is important to us. You need to read the Privacy Statement and Privacy Policy, or text which is available on our website at Privacy-Policy.pdf which explain, amongst other things, how we collect, handle, store and disclose your personal and sensitive information in order for us to provide and inform you about our insurance and insurance related services. To do this we may disclose your personal information to our service providers and others in accordance with the Privacy Notice. By agreeing to the terms and condition below you confirm you have read and agree to the Privacy notice and Privacy Policy terms.

Product Disclosure Statement

Please download and carefully read our Product Disclosure Statement to fully understand the policy.

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Motorhome Sum Insured: * The sum insured should reflect the current market value of the Motorhome.
Specified contents Sum Insured: *
$1000 of cover is automatically included.
You need to keep receipts or current photos etc; as proof of ownership and the value for your contents
Annexe Construction Material
Annexe Sum Insured: *
Total Insured Value:
Excess Option (AU$):
$500   $750   $1000   $1500   $2000   $2500  
Did you purchase this vehicle within the last 24 months? Yes  No
Was the purchase price the same as the proposed sum insured/market value above? Yes  No
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Motorhome Storage
Is the Motorhome street parked? Yes  No We do not cover Motorhomes that are stored permanently on the street when not in use.
Storage Method: *
Postcode of Registration or Storage : *
Insured and Contact Details
Has the insured(s) in the last 5 years had any insurance refused or cancelled? Yes  No
Has the insured(s) ever had any Motorhome, Caravan or motor related theft claims in the last five years? Yes  No
Has the insured(s) ever been convicted of any offence in the last 5 years? Yes  No
Has the insured(s) in the last 5 years ever had their motor licence suspended or revoked for any reason? Yes  No
Has the insured(s) had any at fault accidents over the last 3 years? Yes  No
Has the insured(s) ever have any medical conditions, which may affect their driving capacity? Yes  No
Driving experience (in years): *
Is Postal Address the same as the Storage Address? Yes  No
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Please provide the details of your Motorhome below
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Does your Motorhome have any pre existing damage? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have any modifications? Yes  No
Is your Motorhome custom built? Yes  No
Will the Motorhome be travelling more than 10,000km this year? Yes  No
Will you be towing a trailer? Yes  No
Will you be permanently living in the Motorhome? Yes  No
Are there any finance or interested parties that need to be noted on the policy?
Is your Motorhome to be used Off-Road? Yes  No
Will you be conducting any commercial activity from the Motorhome? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have Anti-lock brakes? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have Traction Control? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have Stability Control? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have Power steering? Yes  No
Does your Motorhome have Driver & Passenger air bags? Yes  No
Lay Up Months:
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec 
Applicable if Motorhome stored at home address, or another location as agreed on your certificate of insurance during layup period.
Optional Windscreen Cover? Yes  No
Cover Commencement Date: